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Documents which are considered as "Originals", e.g. degree certificates, bills of lading, etc. need a mechanism for authenticating the information on them offline. i.e. these documents should hold information which cannot be tampered with unnoticed, which can help verify if the document contents are original or not. This is called printing with "anti-forgery" mechanisms. This mechanism does not prevent copying of the document.

KAPS uses public domain technology of RSA key pairs to achieve this. The private key of the customer's key pair is used to encode key data in a document, such as name, grades, invoice amounts, id numbers etc. and prints this data in 2-dimentional BAR Codes of the customer's choice on the document. This 2-D BAR Code can then be read back at the verification end and decrypted using the public key of the customer.

This mechanism is already being used by several educational institutes and government bodies, for printing documents whose contents can be verified off-line.

Please contact KAPS for further details on this technology and how it can be applied to your unique requirements.
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