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Many legacy applications and ERP applications print only text matter. In order to make the print output functional, users have pre-printed forms and probably use dot-matrix or line-matrix printers to print the output.

The problems with pre-printed stationery is-
  • You need to stock pre-printed stationery which is also expensive to buy
  • Multiple copies printed with carbon sheets results in poor quality
  • Any changes to the form results in a lot of wastage of existing forms

The problems with dot-matrix or line-matrix printers is-

  • Quality of printing is poor
  • Graphics printing is very poor
  • Printing of precise BAR Codes etc. not possible
  • Noisy printing
  • Frequent Maintenance

All of the above problems can be avoided by using Laser Printers with Electronic Forms. With minimal or no changes to your existing application, Electronic forms can be provided in print servers or embedded in HP Laser Printers. These forms can be highly functional and speed can be much faster than traditional dot matrix / line matrix printers.

Formport Server Data Sheet

Formport Flash Data Sheet

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