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Organizations typically need to :
  • Track usage of common devices like printers and allocate costs to their usage, which in turn is allocated to respective business groups.
  • Provides a clear audit trail in case of any dispute or security breach.
  • Reduce wastage. Most organizations, which have deployed tracking and cost allocation tools have automatically reduced wastage, which helps the tool pay for itself.

KAPS provides excellent software for just this purpose. Called Megatrack, it is available in two distinct forms -

  • Megatrack software for use in Print server environment. MegaTrack can be deployed on print servers, and then subsequently used to track all usage happening through them. This is a very cost effective way of tracking.
  • Megatrack hardware for use in individual device tracking (also called MIPA , short for Megatrack In Printer Architecture). Megatrack hardware can be deployed in each device for tracking that individual device's usage. This is useful when the number of devices is very small. This is also necessary for HP's multi-function devices, in order to track copy, scan and fax jobs.

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