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Print data is very vulnerable to hacking and misuse :
  • Print data travels from node to printer in an unencrypted form; hence it can be easily tampered with, or, copied and reproduced later.
  • When you have common devices on the network, it is very easy for anyone else in the organization to see your printed jobs lying on the printer leading to potential misuse of the information.

KAPS can provide a solution called Securejet to secure print data so that :

  • Print data from the node to the printer travels in a totally encrypted manner using highly sophisticated encryption mechanisms. This ensures total electronic security of the print data stream
  • Print data can reside securely on a hard disk in a printer until the user who issued the job reaches it. On identifying himself at the front panel, the printer can print all the jobs waiting for the user. Various different methods of identification are possible, such as PIN number, Proximity Badges , Swipe Cards, Smart Cards, Biometric etc.
  • Print data can also be made to reside securely on print servers in an organization. The user can then walk up to ANY printer on the network, identify himself and retrieve his jobs.
  • A user can also securely send print jobs for other users on the network. The user who is supposed to receive the printed document can retrieve it from the hard disk at his convenience. In essence, this is similar to email but in printed form.

    Any organization which implements SecureJet automatically benefits from reduction in wastage of print documents. SecureJet can be programmed to:

  • Print only when a user identifies himself at the printer's front panel

  • To automatically delete from memory any print jobs not claimed within a specified number of days.

This results in considerable reduction in wastage and allows the solution to pay for itself in a short period of time.

SecureJet, combined with MegaTrack, can together reduce wastage almost entirely and provide a very clear audit trail on usage.

SecureJet FP - PIN codes authentication for HP MFPs and Digital Sender

SecureJet PXT - PIN code authentication for HP LaserJet Printers

SecureJet PX - Proximity badges authentication for HP MFP, Printers and Digital Senders

SecureJet SW - Swipe card badge authentication for HP MFPs, Printers and Digital Senders

SecureJet SC - Smart Card authentication for HP MFPs

SecureJet Biometric - Biometrics authentication for hp MFPs and Digital Senders

SecureJet PS - Secure Roaming Pull Printing for HP MFPs and Printers

Securejet Whitepaper

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